Are you ready to have YOUR home online, showcasing your essence and allowing your clients to find you and book you?

Welcome Healers,

I've created this package because I know what it's like to build a practice that aspires to focus on service – not JUST building a business.

That's why I created Websites for Healers, a package that combines simple branding, a quickly created sexy website that represents who you truly are, and all within a matter of only 60 days turnaround.


Here's the problem I ran into over my 5 years as a healer and working with other healers...

The Problem = Scattered On The Internet

♢ Social media platforms own the content you upload on their site (and your follower list)
♢ Healers losing potential customers in the big sea of internet dwellers
♢ Potential customers forgetting who you are
♢ Potential customers not knowing what you offer 

The Solution = Your Online Home

♢ Healers store all their original content on their own website
♢ Healers storing their best potential customers in an email list (you owning your customer information, not a social media platform)
♢ Potential customers refer to your website for consistency in seeing you
♢ Potential customers refer to your website to get a clear idea of what you offer


Introducing Websites for Healers – A package to help healers (YOU) get themselves online,
show clients who you are, and have you booking clients immediately.

1. What's available in this one-time package:

♢ Brand development consultation with Lauren
♢ Brand board to apply to your website
♢ An entire website finished in 60 days
♢ High quality design aesthetics
♢ Designed to get clients to book and buy

2. What we'll discuss in our strategy session:

♢ Your business and the people you serve
♢ Who YOU uniquely are and how we can translate that
♢ Some of your struggles as a growing business
♢ How this branding journey and website can help you

3. Here's what to do next:

Click the yellow button below to apply for your free website strategy session with Lauren
and await her team's response on when she can schedule your session...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this free strategy session about?

This call will help us decide if it will be a good fit to work together. We'll discuss where you are in your business and where you're ready to go next in your brand journey.

What are Lauren's credentials?

Lauren has worked with Fortune-500 companies, startups, and entrepreneurs for the last 10 years in branding strategy, website design, and home and wardrobe makeovers. She also has 5 years experience in healing and life/business coaching.

Does this include photography and copywriting?

You will need to provide your own photography that you want to use on your site, including the words for the content. Lauren will help you strategize the layout and overall message, but it's up to you to provide the actual words.

What website platform/email system do you use?

Lauren works with Squarespace and Mailchimp, two of the easiest platforms to use for people who don't consider themselves technical. Lauren also has a simple tutorial on how to easily alter your website yourself (or an assistant) when your package is complete!

Do you take payment plans?

Yes! We split the website cost into payment plans that work for everyone. This isn't about getting a chunk of money from you, this is about investment in your message. However many installments you need, we will make it happen.

What does this website package include?

This website package includes a 1) Brand consultation call with Lauren, 2) Brand board on pinterest that will inform the design of your website, 3) Your finished website in only 60 days, 4) High quality design aesthetic informed by 10 years of design, 5) Strategies on how to get your clients to book to work with you